Winter Wonderland

Freshly fallen snow, in its most pristine state, is always so much fun.

Wearing: Brian Lichtenberg beanie ℅, Asos jacket ℅, Zara skirt + scarf, Uniqlo turtleneck + leggings, American Apparel sweater,  Hunter boots, Botanica knee socks, Coach gloves

Though it doesn’t look like I’m wearing very much, I have on layers and layers of the warmest pieces. I couldn’t miss out on the first real snowfall of the season, so I went to the park for a quick play. Every winter, I depend on Uniqlo’s heat tech line of warmth trapping base layers. They are so thin, I can easily add on more pieces without feel too bulky. I just checked their site, and now they have a third level of warmth — Ultra Warm (omg!). I usually wear tops/bottoms from the standard line, but I definitely want to give the Extra and Ultra Warm pieces a try soon. I always can rely on my Hunter boots during storms and added a pair knee-length knit socks to stay warm in them. Recently, I did purchase actual snow boots from Sorel (got this and this) and I’m pretty excited to give them a go next time.

As always, a big scarf and gloves are a must to stay warm. Accessories make the biggest difference!

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