Winter Uniform

I keep finding new appreciation for my city. The endless discoveries I keep making weekend after weekend makes the bucket list for New York as infinite as the one I have for the world. So this probably means I’ll be climbing more New York City rooftops in the near future.
As for current updates… I’m plotting my next trip. A journey to Europe is in the works! So far, we’ve nailed down Iceland and France (Paris to be exact!). In the meantime, I’m figuring out the continuation to Central Europe and waiting for my new passport to come to meeee. Tracking tells me it will come tomorrow today. Squeals! You have no idea how long I’ve put off upgrading my childhood book for one with my current face. I needed to get my life together.
Expect an appearance from the boyfriend again on the blog soon. I will be putting together an outfit for him and posting it soon-ish. I’m happy to say I have a ton of content in the works for the next couple of weeks. Finally, the Winter’s dead silence is over. Oh, and fashion week is happening right now, but I’m elsewhere.
And, a little something about this outfit… I have a serious Zara problem. Ha! My latest addition?! This red sweater I found on sale (happening now) for $12.99. Yep, score!
Wearing: ZARA coat, sweater, boyfriend jeans, boots, 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Pashli satchel, MCM bunny keychain


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