Walk in the Park

Dress – Forever 21
Bracelets – Forever 21, Lia Sophia, Poshlocket, Good Charma
Necklaces – Stella & Dot, Jessica DeCarlo
Earrings – Call It Spring
Sandals – Nine West
Bag – Kathy Van Zeeland

Happy Summer Solstice! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. The older I get, the quicker time goes. This really makes me want to live my life with a little less stress and a lot more fully. So many things that used to bother me do not anymore. It’s hard to see the bigger picture sometimes, but when you do, you breathe a little. Also, be grateful — always. I feel like a lot of opportunities have been opened up to me in just the last year or so, and I am pretty thankful. Also, I’ve realized that sometimes a simple nice comment or thank you can really make a person’s day!

With that, I leave you with this feel-good song :)

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