FINALLY. I condensed the enormous amount of footage into a five-minute long video. I hope people have a long enough attention span for that. I really enjoyed reliving all the memories from this trip. There’s a bit in the video that I haven’t covered in my photo posts — like the tubingkayaking, snorkeling and zip-lining!

This was also the first time I filmed with a GoPro camera (as seen in the photo above) in conjunction with my dSLR. The GoPro took a lot of getting used to since I can’t really see what I was filming. Anyways enjoy!

I. Exploring Kauai, The Garden Isle
II. Luau Kalamaku
III. The St. Regis Princeville Resort
IV. Sailing the Napali Coast
V. Where to Eat in Kauai
VI. Instagram Diary

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