Uniquely Me

“Create your own visual style…
Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
Orson Welles

Everyone has their own personal flair — their own sense of style. We are all different, but the beauty of fashion, is that even with our uniqueness, we can always find a common thread in the community. This is why I love this quote by Orson Welles, above. Although, I like to experiment with my own fashions, there are a few key identifying factors in my style that almost everyone knows me by. Can you guess what they are?

BLONDE HAIR. I consider this the most extreme thing I’ve done to my hair in my life. (There was that one time in which I had a spiral curl perm in high school….) Currently, I consider this as a huge part of my identity. The change has affected the colors I can wear, but it’s been a very exciting process experimenting with new looks this past year or so.

FELINE EYES. It all started with a flick. I never really wore a lot of makeup until I started blogging, but I’ve always had my eyeliner game on. I’ve probably learned this trick in high school and it’s been my longest-running iconic feature. It makes up for the fact that I have a monolid and it really extends the eye shape in a very daring way. I like to sometimes mix it up with different colors, but black is my everyday go-to.

SUGAR & SPICE. Sometimes flirty girly and sometimes rough & tough. I love to dress sweetly, especially during the Spring and Summer months, but it’s never 100% too girly — I always add in an element of edge. The same goes for my Fall and Winter style. When the temperature drops, I tend to gravitate towards a lot of leather and edgy clothing. I like to think the two sides of me like to live in harmony — just like ying and yang.

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