To Infinity

HP Spectre Brooklyn Bridge Lower Manhattan Skyline HP SpectreHP Spectre HP Spectre Brooklyn Bridge Park

Now that I’m well-acquainted with the HP Spectre, there is that feeling of limitless possibilities.

I’ve become obsessed with evolving my creative process. Working with a elevated tool, like the Spectre, has helped changed my perspective on things, and it’s really been refreshing. It feels great to continually grow my craft.

The inspiration behind today’s images came from my optimistic feels. With the new season right around the corner, I am excited about the future and the new work I will be creating. The light-filled imagery echoes an unbounded imagination, something that being realized more and more as I’ve been utilizing my Spectre. HP really broke the mold for me initially — in terms on how a pc should look, act and feel. Now, a laptop is more than just a workhorse, but also a statement maker and a really beautiful accessory to have.

Looking towards tomorrow, I can’t wait to keep reinventing my work. When you are surrounded by well-designed pieces, it sets a new (higher) standard, and I can’t help but keep innovating. Seriously, every time I glance down at the Spectre, it’s accompanying mouse or even leather sleeve, I am taken aback at how sleek it looks. It’s pretty safe to say I’ll be happily  endeavoring new projects to infinity…

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