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There are so many reasons why I love being a New Yorker. Among them is the never ending possibilities and discoveries you can make. There is always something going on… which leads me to this blog post. Last week, before Hurricane Sandy hit this city, I was invited to the launch of GroupeMe Experiences. It is an event planning site that makes it super easy to finally pin down your friends for an activity. I know personally, its so hard to decide on what to do, let alone get everyone on the same schedule. So, after the party, I played around the site for a bit, and fell in love. I instantly sent the link to my friends, and asked them which experience they were interested in doing together. The curated events vary by interests and group size, so there really is something for everyone. It is also great to use on your next trip to New York! One particular one that stood out was the Rent the Runway Showroom Soiree. It’s for four people and it’s the perfect chance to play dress up with your girlfriends. Perfect Girl’s Night Out?!

Okay, back to the launch party because it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time! GroupMe teamed up with event designer Adam Aleksander to create “The Experiences Society,” a swanky social club where you can discover something new in each room of the Salmagundi Club. Everyone was dressed up and sipping on glasses of prosecco. Good thing I always wear a dress and Andy is always in his suits because I totally missed the dress code memo, haha. So, all the rooms of the building had a different activity you can partake, and since there were three floors, we could only get to so many things. Basically, the activities included etiquette classes, learning poker, billiards & tango, to music listening, drinking through literature, arts & crafts, and parlour games. To me, it was a lot of things I’ve always wanted to try or learn packaged into one night of fun. This was simply a taste of what Experiences plan to offer on their site. Photos of the fun to follow…

Billiards with Tony Robles. Although, I didn’t get a chance to play, Andy got a quick solitary game in before we moved onto another activity.
Improv music class with Todd Reynolds. Amazing how he can create the music off his head!
Neoclassical Portraiture photobooth with Ventikoland. Drama!
We learned to Argentine Tango with masters from Strictly Tango. Let’s just say, we need to work on our coordination skills…
Poker with Haroon. I learned to play Texas Hold ‘Em and lost terribly all night. 
Ironically, we stayed in this section for the rest of the night as they held a tournament to win some gift certificates for more GroupMe adventures!

photo credit: 3, 4

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