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Sundown at Grand Case

On a never-ending journey of chasing the sun and a good meal.
1 WTC nyc skyline sail

Dreamy Harbor Sail

Twilight. Pink hues paint the city's skyline and the world never looked sweeter.

Golden Hour

I'm always chasing a sunset, but there's nothing dreamier than that moment of time right before. Everything around you is washed in a soft beautiful hue. There's a reason why it's also known as magic hour.

Gantry Plaza State Park

 New York City I don't know anyone who is ever tired of seeing this skyline.
Epic Sunset from Top of Koke’e Park, Hawaii

Chasing Sun Vol. 1

A collection of my favorite sunset and sunrise photos I've taken so far in my travels. Today, I am launching the first post of a series I've been dying to start for the longest time. Whenever I wander, I always end up mesmerized by the sunsets…

Manhattanhenge 2014

Pretty excited about Manhattanhenge this year. Tonight, I caught the last full sun setting in the grid for 2014 at the Grand Central overpass. There was a lot of angry taxi drivers because everyone pooled out into the street. (see instagram…