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Instagram New York City, Chapter 4

I can't believe it will already be December, tomorrow! Autumn flew by so quickly...

Holiday Lights in New York City

Come December, New York City lights up even brighter and more colorful than ever.

CitizenM Times Square

So, I was invited to an epic influencer slumber party for the launch of new luxury boutique hotel, CitizenM... (with plenty of locations in Europe) There were plenty of drinks, food, entertainment and good times all around. Let's say hello…
green machine burger at the organic grill

The Organic Grill

Continuing on our exploration of New York City, before taking off to Europe, Jinna and I dined at the cozy Organic Grill. It was especially cold that evening, making the dimly-lit East Village restaurant even more inviting. After settling…

Hot Chocolate at City Bakery

A frothy cheers to checking things off my never-ending list. Every single time the hot chocolate festival comes around at the City Bakery, I never make it. That changed this year. I grabbed Jinna and indulged. The flavor of the day was Creamy…

Element Times Square

Sometimes a girl just needs a weekend away from it all. A change in scenery to get a little r&r and a fresh new environment to get some work done. The winter slump, given the number of snowstorms we've been getting here, really motivated…


I bet you didn't know I was one of the official judges for the Tabélog Restaurant Awards 2013. Yes, as my profile introduction states, I'm a style blogger with a really BIG appetite. Since New York has a plethora of eateries, I can never…

Holiday Magic at Saks Fifth Avenue with MasterCard #Priceless #MC

I have to hand it to MasterCard and Saks Fifth Avenue. I feel so spoiled. This is the only way I want to do holiday windows from now on!

Summer Cruise NYC

Sailing into the sunset aboard the Cloud Nine around Manhattan.

My Mets Game + Nas Concert Experience

Gorgeous Sunset over Citi Field I had the privilege of joining Duane Reade for two Mets games this month at Citi Field. The first time I went, Duane Reade sponsored the fireworks (Independence day!) after the game. I had such a great video…