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When we first arrived to Trieste, it looked like we weren't in Italy anymore.

Postcards from Venezia

It's really a place of magic and romance -- a real treat for your sights and senses.

Milan Mini Guide

"In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine." -Robin Leach

Best Travelgrams of 2014

No, I can't believe it's already the end of the year. 2014 has been one wild adventure. I let the wanderlust take over me -- saw the world, met its people, and tasted a plethora of foods. Though, the year is ending, my journey is just beginning.…
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Paris & Italy Video Diary

Last but not least from my trip to Europe -- a little montage of rainy Paris and sunny Italian cities.

Where to Roam in Rome

View of the Colosseum from a room in the Palazzo Manfredi Hotel Crossing off another item from my bucket list, I was able to see some of Rome's most iconic landmarks. I also picked up a few tips in navigating the immense foot and vehicle…
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Rome Cavalieri

Wow. Staying at the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resort was pretty mind-blowing. Although, I've stayed at a Waldorf Astoria property before in Puerto Rico, El Conquistador, this was an entirely different experience. I guess…
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Sailing Into Porto Venere

Always dreaming about the nautical life...

Cinque Terre by Sea

There are a few ways to explore Cinque Terre. You can either hike, drive, take the rail between towns, or hop on a boat like I did. Of course, each experience is totally different and person-dependent. As for me, the life out in the open…

Easy Breezy Levanto

Right before sailing the Cinque Terre and after Florence, we took the train again to relax in a cozy coastal town by the Italian Riviera called Levanto. Next to the famous five towns or Cinque Terre, it was the perfect place to simply do nothing.…