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Winter Cut + Color

Entering a new season with a color refresh and a new haircut is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Autumn Waves

A new season calls for changes in your routine. This includes a new lip color, wardrobe and hair styling.

Healthy Hair for the Autumn Season

Prepping my tresses as we transition from summer to fall.

Summer Beach Waves

A little undone. Easy salt-tousled hair with the T3 Twirl 360 + a giveaway!

My New Blonde Hair

Blonde is more than a color, it's a state of mind.

Romantic Waves Hair Tutorial

A great way to give your hair a little oomph is to create waves.

Front Side Twist Hair Tutorial

Since I've been on a roll with my makeup and nail tutorials, I decided to create this hair tutorial as well. At first, I was going to do a photo post, but in the process, I found that making a video was the easiest for this. I've been rocking…

Double Waterfall Twist Hair Tutorial

I've recently put together a new hair tutorial that has been featured on WhatIWear.com's newsletter, Enrich Your Spring Trend Knowledge!. If you are a member of the site or are subscribed, you may have seen it already. I would like to thank…

Blonde Ambition at Arrojo Studio

I've enjoyed being blonde for the past month or so, but alas! My roots have crept up from under me, and I'm due for a touch-up. My little bob cut from the summer has grown out quite a bit, and that, too, needs some trimming. So, here I am…

Sleek Weatherproof Straight Hair Tutorial

Summer is here! This means a lot of moisture from humidity :( Here's how I try to weatherproof my straight hair using Living Proof's Straight aerosol. It's super amazing. When you spray it on, it literally creates a shield, repelling oil…