Sweetheart Manicure

February is the month of love and fashion. Since New York Fashion Week overlapped with Valentine’s Day, I didn’t get a chance to do an appropriately themed post. Today’s post, however, will make up for that!

Sally Hansen recently kicked off the I Heart Nail Art Contest and this month’s theme is “SWEET HEARTS.” From February to May, there will be five different themes and winners. Each of the five finalists from each month will win $500 and a trip to NYC to compete for the grand prize of becoming a Sally Hansen ambassador for a year plus $2000. If you are feeling up to challenge, enter!

So… I took the challenge up. As someone who is fairly new to the world of nail art, I wanted to see if I could tackle this creatively and technically. Before I thought of anything else, I knew I wanted hearts in my manicure. Next, I took a look at my arsenal of nail goodies and mentally mix-matched designs and colors. After a lot of trial and error, I finally came up with this look. Ironically, looking at it now, my manicure bears such a resemblance to my blog. I should call this the Tineey Manicure, hehe.


 A Pair of Scissors
❤ Nail File
❤ Scotch Tape
❤ Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 410 Love Letter
❤ Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI in 230 Silver Sweep and 205 Pink Blink
❤ Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat


❤ For the Salon Effects nail polish strips, I decided which fingers I wanted them to be and then followed the instructions.
❤ For the polished nails, I used Double Duty as a base coat and top coat with two layers of polish sandwiched between. I didn’t want the manicure to look symmetrical so I alternated the fingers I painted the pink and silver polish on.
❤ To create the heart design on my nails, I took a piece of tape, folded it in half, and then cut the heart shape out. I found that if you fold over the ends of the tape, it made it easier to separate after cutting.
❤ After I created my heart stencils, I placed the tape over my dried nails and added two coats of pink over it then quickly removed the tape. Repeat on more nails as desired! I finished by adding the topcoat to all my nails and voila!

Of course, if you wish to recreate this, go with colors of your choice!

I clearly have a certain preference…

A BIG Thank You to Sally Hansen for the awesome nail products and the opportunity to take on this challenge! It’s been an interesting task and learning experience — one that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. Here’s to more nail art on the blog?! ;)

Sally Hansen I Facebook.com/SallyHansen or Use The Hashtag #iheartnailart 
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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sally Hansen.

  • zoehunter

    Love the nails, they are so pretty! Zoe http://www.everythingforana.com

  • Tree

    Really cute! Love the colors you picked too.

  • Different use of products.colors go well together,many different combinations could. Be used..


    Very Cool. I wish I had that kind of talent!!


    With your ability, could I just scheule an appt once a week??

  • MissRockwell
  • I do hand painted nails. This is nice but does it last?

  • debbie wilson

    those nails are so artistic…would love to buy sall hansen’s nails.can’t afford to go get my nails so i guess i’ll try it myself

  • laniebugzlikes

    Thanks for the how to so cute

  • So clever, and it looks amazing

  • Maribethsmom

    Love the way they turned out, but looks like it takes a lot of time to do it.

  • Marie Herbert

    Awesome. How cute:)

  • Sarh S

    LOVE them! Wish I could do my nails nice like this, but no matter how simple, nails are not MY thing!

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    Great idea, plan on trying myself

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    I think these are awesome for teens!

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  • ME

    I would love to do this. It inspired me to do something out of the box.

  • debbie wilson

    i wish could be more talented with my nails would be fun to try

  • Amanda Jane Throckmorton

    Great Idea! Love your Nails!

  • I love doing my nails!! My friends are always telling me I should do it for a living!!! I am that good!!!

  • Nancy

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  • theresa

    I don’t wear fake nails don’t need to. don’t use nail polish my nails break if I use nail
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