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If there was an app that analyzes the type of dishes I eat the most, Japanese would be on the top of that list, if not number one. (My Yelp check-in’s probably are a tell-all.) I love everything from the ramen, katsu, yakitori to the sushi — and yes, I have a matcha green tea obsession. Yum!
Last week, I was invited to try the newly opened Sushi Dojo down in the East Village, and I took the boyfriend with me. The bar was helmed by Chef David Bouhadana, who spent quite some years training in Japan. We tried a couple appetizers — a mix of sushi and traditional cooked dishes. The experience was simple and pure, and the fish was beyond fresh. If you are a serious sushi enthusiast, I highly recommend going for the omakase courses (chef’s choice, be surprised!). Oh, and there’s a pretty extensive sake list, which is always a good thing.
Here’s a look at what we tried…
KIRI “MIST”, sake with a light peach flavor
SUNOMONO, sliced cucumbers, seaweed and a mix of fresh shellfish
USUZUKURI, sliced hirame with ponzu sauce
FRIED NI DAKO, fried octopus (special of the day)
ASARI SAKAMUSHI, sake steamed manila clams
UNAGI ROLL, the boyfriend’s fave
…and this dish we did not eat, but the chef brought it out for show and tell at the bar.
110 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10009
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