Summer Beach Waves

A little undone. Easy salt-tousled hair with the T3 Twirl 360 + a giveaway!

beach waves t3 twirl 360-6

Summer is almost here, and I’m already switching up my beauty routines. SPF and sexy beachy hair is the look of the season. Now that I’ve gotten my blonde hair back, I feel like a new woman. Recently, I added a new hair tool into my arsenal, and it’s my favorite one so far! I’ve been lusting after a T3 curling iron ever since it was first used on me at a photo shoot. My hair never felt or looked so healthy after a heat session. Thank you T3 tourmaline + ceramic technology! So, when the opportunity to try the T3 Twirl 360 (1.25″ barrel) came up, I jumped at the chance. Heat styling my hair has just become much easier.

There’s a new crop of automated tools out there, but I was always afraid that my hair would get caught in the electronic gears. T3 is a brand that I trust, so I brushed my fears aside and tested it out. First, I adore the rose gold against white. I just love rose gold! Second, the buttons and usability were so intuitive! Still, it is important to read the instructions for a smooth first time. I am so impressed with the innovation design. There are two speeds and five heat settings — all changeable in a single button. Also, it senses your motion to determine the direction to rotate. How smart is that? Technology these days…

As with the automated rotation part, all you do is clip in your hair as you normally do then flick your wrist to the direction you want it to curl and hold down the button. It’s so easy that I got the hang of it at the first try! I really like that it spins bi-directionally. It’s an important part of the way I usually curl/wave/iron my hair.

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beach waves t3 twirl 360-3

So, these days, I’ve ditched my regular iron for this efficient machine. It has cut down arm soreness and hair styling time. For my beach waves, I normally just curl with the barrel upright at the lowest heat setting (avoiding the ends and curing away from the face), then brush it out to loosen the curls. I’m currently working on a tutorial video, but check out these results.

beach waves t3 twirl 360-7

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