Spot Dessert Bar

If there is any post that is overdue, it’s this one. Masquey and I came here in January 2011. That’s about 10 months ago. Yikes! I’ve Tweeted and Facebooked the experience, but alas… now I am finally publishing this on the blog. The photos were taken then with my iPhone 4, if you were wondering about the difference in quality? It’s hard to believe that I just upgraded to my Nikon d3100 12 weeks ago. The two of us came to celebrate our birthdays. This was also around when we met Bianca and Mallory of Small Girls PR, who repped Spot (via Twitter at the Yelp Snow Ball). Such love.
I’ve taken and recommended so many people to this place since our first venture. The place is easy to miss, since it’s located below Pho 32 on Saint Marks Place, but once you’re in, it’s the sweetest little joint (pun intended). I highly recommend the deconstructed cheesecake to everyone. It’s the bomb diggity! The different flavors just dance around on your palate. Here’s what we had…

Soft Cheesecake passion foam, blueberry compote, seasonal citrus, walnut soil

Yuzu Eskimo blackberries, raspberry foam, chocolate pearls, oreo soil, chocolate ganache

…can’t remember -______-;

Green Tea Cupcake on the house! Happy birthday to us ;)

obvs…princesses afterwards (ah, before I turned blonde…#memories)
There is a great selection of ice creams and bubble teas if your heart desires. Both are pretty darn good as well. Can’t wait to go back!

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