Meet Spectre

Allow me to introduce my newest tech addiction, the HP Spectre

HP Spectre HP SpectreHP Spectre HP Spectre HP Spectre

The World’s Thinnest Laptop

But that’s not what won me over. It was the beautiful design.

When I first laid eyes on the HP Spectre, it was complete obsession at first sight. I think it’s the world’s most luxurious laptop. The rich chocolate hue with copper highlights makes it the ultimate accessory to have. (I have such a fondness for rose gold tones.) If you recall, last month I attended the music festival, Panorama. I was there on the third day of the festival with HP and it was there when I first touched the Spectre inside The Lab. I am such a big nerd and loved every moment inside the interactive tech-art installation. You can see a highlight on Instagram here.

So, meet the my new Spectre laptop. I’m so happy to be creating with it. As a visual person, there’s nothing like a gorgeous creation to really inspire you daily. It’s also very light thanks to the carbon fiber body. I remember when I first picked it up and was surprised at how little it weighed. More importantly, it’s a powerful machine. With the editing software I use, the memory demand is pretty high and the Spectre has 8 gigs of it. Fellow audiophiles, the laptop comes equipped with Bang & Olufsen speakers, for when you don’t need to work with headphones on.

More specs and info here.

These are just my first impressions, and there’s nothing but love. I can’t wait to start doing more with the Spectre.

Great things to come ahead, my friends.

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