Snorkeling MUSA – Cancun’s Underwater Museum


To conclude my Isla Mujeres adventure, I take you under the sea. We went snorkeling at the Cancun Underwater Museum! Intrigued? I definitely was when I first heard about it. There are over 500 life-sized sculptures sunken into the Caribbean Sea to promote coral life. This project was begun by artist Jason Decaires Taylor in November 2009. There are now additional artists in the program, widening the stretch of the museum. The locations were a little difficult to find in the tumultuous waters, but when we eventually got there, it was pretty neat to see. We also swam by nearby natural reefs in and saw an abundance of fish. I think these sites would be so amazing to dive down to, so I could get a closer look. But first, I would need to be PADI certified! I’m adding that to my bucket list, next year.





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