Snapshots from Playa Norte


Welcome to the most stunning beach on the North side of the Isla Mujeres island! With soft white sands and turquoise waters, its a very popular spot to take in the sun and swim. The best part about the beach? Shallow water! Bring your own towel or rent one of the chairs under an umbrella for shade and relaxation. When you’ve had enough of the heat, take a little reprieve in one of the many palapa-top bars and restaurants around. We took a lunch break at the Sunset Grill. This is where I first tasted Aztec soup! Oh wow, what a treat for my taste buds. It is a Mexican tortilla chicken soup topped with avocado and sour cream that comes with pork rinds, chill and cheese cubes on the side. That will definitely fill you up, as the portions here are quite generous. If you have a large appetite like me, go on to a main dish. I opted for the Tikinxic fish filet, a Mayan and Italian fusion, marinated in achiote and chardonnay. I sure know how to pick them… Deliciousness abound!


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