Savoring Athens

A fresh taste of Mediterranean flavor…


I dreamt about all the food I was going to eat when I arrived. In fact, one of the first things I did after checking into my Airbnb apartment was to ask the host where I could find great food. I love eating Greek food here in NYC, but now that I can have it straight from the source, there’s no better joy. Luckily for me, my host set up breakfast for me every morning, complete with Greek coffee (which is really Turkish coffee).

Following my stomach, I took the metro to Monastiraki Square. It was a quick ride from where I was staying, Omonoia. While, I’m talking about the metro, I would like to point out at how easy it was to navigate! Of course, I had the advantage of journeying through a complex subway system all my life in NYC, lol. Anyways, I met up with some lovely people and started to taste what Athens had to offer.

I went on a food tour with George, our guide. He lives in the neighborhood and is a lawyer who happens to love food. It’s always nice to have someone passionate leading you around. By the end of the walk, we were happily full and our tote bags full of goods we bought to take back with us. I know I loved the Cretan shop with all the olive oil products. It’s amazing how I managed to squeeze everything into my carryon luggage. Packing skills, I’m telling ya!

So, in order of appearance…

*Savoring Athens food tour brought to you by Dopios.

a long standing milk bar with delicious sweet treats

a great breakfast item for on the go, find it sold via street cart

a huge part of meals, find them fresh!

I ended up buying up so much olive oil and other tasty things like jam

cured meats for all situated between herb and spice shops

the Greeks answer to absinthe

nothing better than fried dough soaked in simple  syrup

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