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Sailing the Na Pali Coast

Hawaii still feels like a dream. It’s almost been a month since I’ve came back and I’m still floating on clouds. There’s nothing like waking up before dawn and sailing on a catamaran as the sun rises from the horizon. And…, that’s just how my sail with Blue Dolphin Charters began. The Na Pali coast is just awe-inspiring. There’s a lot character to these high cliffs — plenty of waterfalls flowing down it’s green walls, sea caverns, and isolated beaches.

In addition to viewing the majestic beauty of the coast, there were a lot of sea animals spotting on the cruise.

Did I mention two schools of spinner dolphins came out to play throughout out the day?! They are such fun creatures — performing acrobatics and racing our boat. Remember my first dolphin kiss? I just adore them, hence the excessive amounts of photos taken. Whale watching season also just began, so we were able to see some of the humpbacks and their kids.

But, best of all…

I swam with a sea turtle while snorkeling =]


Saw a rainbow.

Cotton Candy Skies

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