Reliving Prom!

dress – Le Femme, thanks to
shoes – “Chloe” by Shoemint

My inner teenager squealed with glee when I got the invitation to the Prom Girl’s Annual Fashion Show Extravaganza!

Then, this little project/collaboration came about during a coffee date with Nubia. The two of us worked on some eye candy for our blogs and YouTube channels. It was pretty exciting to film the prep videos and shoot the dresses together. Of course, showing up at the actual party in our fanciest was the icing on the cake! Plus, I was super excited that my friend Donna was doing the makeup for the fashion show and Lacee was creating illustrations of guests. And… of couse Small Girls PR for it all. We even got to meet Tommy the Pomeranian. Let’s just say that I had an AWESOME night and went home with a ton of  c a n d y.

Hope you enjoy <3

P.S. Prom Girl asked me what wearing my invisible crown meant to me. Find out my answer in their video.

Check out Nubia’s post here.

You can view my ‘getting ready’ video below + it will link to Nubia’s at the end :)


Scenes from the Prom Girl Fashion Show Extravaganza:

…and some photobooth gifs after the jump!

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