Red Hook

red hook-9

Another day, another neighborhood explored. I didn’t get a chance to poke my nose around into as many places as I’d like (before my fingers and toes got frostbitten), but I’m already charmed. It felt like a small town in its very own bubble.

This visit also gave me the chance to drop by my friend’s art gallery (finally), Peninsula Art Space.

Bourbon and Red Hook brews were shared.

red hook

red hook-4

A little underdressed for the cold, but I managed.

Wearing: CLUB MONACO sweater, CALVIN KLEIN jacket (boyfriend’s), ZARA plaid shirt, H&M leggings, KELSI DAGGER boots

red hook-8

red hook-3

red hook-5

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red hook-10

Lattes at Baked with Apneet, who I have to thank for the photographs of me!

red hook-2

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