Postcards from Punta Rucia


Off the beaten path, Punta Rucia is a hidden gem on the North Coast (aka the Amber / Silver Coast) of the Dominican Republic.

In my last post, I’ve hinted at what I’ve been up to on this island. What started out as a beach and relaxation vacation in celebration of my best friend’s birthday turned into a week of exploration and adventure. We couldn’t help it! It’s just built into our DNA.

Punta Rucia is a quiet and small fishing village, untouched by the modern day (minus a splash tourism). White sands, crystal blue beaches, and an abundance of reefs, makes it such a beautiful enclave for a passing visitor like me. This beach here was our starting point to reach Paradise Island (Isla Paraiso) or Cayo Arena, by speedboat. More on that experience, later!

Looking back, all I have is great feels.




He was sleeping before I took this. We saw a lot of handsome dogs around the island just laying out in the sun.


Yep, twirling for joy in this beauty!


Waters so shallow and clear – perfect for a non-swimmer or a relaxing day.


Our great lobster and champagne lunch, accompanied by scrumptious Dominican fare. We had this post-Paradise Island and it was my first time trying Caribbean spiny (rock) lobster! No claws, just two spines.

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