Photo Diary: Chapter One

I’ve really wanted to start putting together pieces of my memories in a single place — a blog post. So here’s the first chapter of my photo diary.

September. The first photo will date back to September 28, 2011. Our “wood” anniversary. There is a small piece of wood in the yellow bouquet among the roses and sunflowers. Looking at this photo now, I feel like I can still smell the summer air. 5 years.

October? Missing gap. FML

November. My diet is slowing transitioning to consist of ramen, pho and shabu shabu — food that warms up your bones. Above: a bowl of beef pho from Pho Grand. Oh, and I had a bowl of ramen from Menkui-Tei for dinner today. :)

I was riding the shuttle between Grand Central and Times when I saw one wallpapered in what I thought was a bamboo forest. My inner panda came out. Upon closer inspection, it looks like a sugarcane forest instead. Oops…

Okay so these photobooth pictures crack me up every time I look at them! It’s from an event, blogger friend, Kitty Bradshaw hosted for McDonald’s. While we don’t make it a habit to eat there too much, for some reason the food that night tasted yummier. I hear about a McD down in FiDi that has table service and a grand piano?! Must investigate…

This blog has brought me SO MANY memories. I’ve been to places I’ve never thought I would. Met people I would’ve never dreamed of gracing. My memory fails me often, so I must document, document, document. 

I finally got to try out Tartinery in Nolita. Had lunch there with Donna. Ate the best French Onion soup ever. Afterwards, we just took over the lower level to film my interview for her project. Super fun times.

Why must everything be about food?….

Speaking of food. Ok, I won’t go there. Just check out my Foodspotting :)

December. The year is ending so soon. I have such a great feeling about 2012, though! I suppose I can end this post with my latest photo, taken after partying at The Back Room on the LES with Jaclyn. Before that, we went to Verlaine. $5 lychee martinis and amazing South Asian tapas. Yes, please!

August. Why are we backtracking? This photo is from a prehistoric time, before I bought my SLR and before I went blonde. I’m wearing a gla.MAR.ous headband, which I heart so much. I thought this was a pretty neat picture. It could look better now…


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