Personalized Skincare for Fall

New season, new routines. This is a good time to start transitioning, not only your wardrobe, but your skincare products and regimen.

After traveling for two weeks with a demanding itinerary and then coming home to cooler weather has pretty much shocked my system and skin. A few days before flying back home, I retook my Skinsei lifestyle diagnostic to update my skin situation which includes new exposure to the elements, lifestyle and diet changes, and stress levels.

To introduce Skinsei, it’s a new service and product range that allows you to create a personalized skincare regimen based on an initial diagnostic you take. The questions focus on a variety of lifestyle factors that will influence the health of your current skin — including age, environment, diet, mental state, and lifestyle. At the end, you take a selfie, for further skin texture analysis. I really love how comprehensive this works to find the correct product for my skin needs. It also takes the guesswork out of a routine creation. After taking the diagnostic, you will be provided a 3 or 5 piece product regimen created just for your lifestyle and skin needs.

For my current situation — a mix of dehydration, stress and cooler temperatures, I received a 5-piece hydrating skincare set. The products all have really cute and witty names, as well! It starts with a cleansing balm (Total Meltdown), an essence (Thirsty Face), followed by a hydrating serum (Dew Your Thing), moisturizer cream (Yas Cream) and a clay mask (Mad Deep). All the products have a really nice light scent. My favorite is the Thirsty Face essence. You can really feel the burst of moisture in the texture and application alone.

Total Meltdown

A cleansing balm for cooler temperatures that can remove makeup but keep the hydration.

Dew Your Thing

Another hydrating product! This serum adds moisture day and night.

Thirsty Face

I love having a drink or two, so having this essence in my regiment really boosts my skin’s moisture levels.

Yas Cream

To seal all the goodies in, and keep my skin from drying out in the cold.

Opening Act

Got a bonus mini moisturizer to try. It’s a gel-lotion that absorbs quickly. I prefer gel based moisturizers on makeup days. 

Mad Deep

This pink clay mask actually works for my dry combination skin! It helps balance my skin and promote skin turnover.

So, there you have it! My new Fall skincare routine made easy. 

You can try it out yourself HERE and get 20% off your first box with promo code: TINEEY20.

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