NY Philharmonic in Central Park

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Another magical evening in the books from this year’s New York Philharmonic concert in Central Park.

Feel free to take a peek at some of the photos from last year’s experience, HERE.

Believe it or not I was already looking forward to this event in the early spring months. The past winter was a brutally long one, and all I wanted was to start enjoying beautiful weather out in the city, once again. Ironically, during the day of the concert, it was cloudy and rainy. The skies cleared around 6pm leading to a dreamy sunset, and the breeze picked up, blowing away all the unwanted humidity.

I decided to arrive an hour earlier than last year to get a better blanket spot and The Great Lawn was already full of people setting up! Luckily, I managed to secure a spot in the first section (behind the seated area) with a view of the stage. Last year, we were so far back that it wasn’t even viewable. Yay, for the upgrade!

For food and drink options, we decided on pizza and dessert — skipping our usual charcuterie and cheese spread — paired with rosé wine and champagne. We wanted to keep things lightweight. Later, we agreed that skipping the meat and cheese was non-negotiable! Gotta love nibbling as we sipped our wine. I picked up the yummiest pizza from a new-to-me spot, &pizza, after doing an IG collab with them and Brooklyn Blackout cake slices from Ovenly, after walking by the bakery when I was in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I’ve never seen a chocolate cake achieve such a black color, and it tasted indulgently divine.

Oh, to serve the drinks of Whispering Angel rosé and Veuve Clicquot bubbly, we had our souvenir glasses from a previous NY Philharmonic concert we attended at Lincoln Center, Foreign Bodies, just a week before. It was perfect! I also brought some Day Owl rosé as the drink of choice while we set our picnic up. (insert winking emoji)

When the night began, it was so serene. Everyone silenced to enjoy the series of programming. The night couldn’t be more perfect, as everything ended with the much anticipated (for me anyways) fireworks!

Summer to me, include moments like these. Yes, we can go out for brunch or happy hour, but picnics in the park feel that much more special.

Looking forward to another ‘Summer of Yes‘ this year.



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