Coffee over at Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar

I am currently, finally, really back in New York for a while. Phew! It feels so good to sit and relax, knowing I don’t need to quickly pack up and go again in the next weeks. I have so much backed-up editing and photos to post, starting with this set.




Wearing: ZARA leather jacket, top, boots, PROMOD skirt, GUCCI bag, DIOR Fluid Stick in Tiny Pink, FRENDS Layla headphones

I just came back from a 7 day cruise and spent some days in New Orleans. The cell service and wifi was a huge problem for the first time, so it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post. Wah!

But, I am happily looking forward to hot bowls of ramen, more coffee shops and some holiday magic in the city. I’m going to miss the sunshine and warmth from my latest destinations. The day I came back to the city, it was flurrying and I was so confused. LOL. I guess I’ve been to way too many pleasant countries. Bring on that one hour of sunlight, NYC.

P.S. I’m pretty amped up to start creating some new content again! Lots of travel photos and videos to post, as well as, new style and beauty!

photos of me by Apneet

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