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target swim 2016 #nofomo
target swim 2016 #nofomo
target swim 2016 #nofomo
target swim 2016 #nofomo

This year is all about confidence. I just came back from my birthday trip to St. Martin, celebrating the big 3-0 in the best way possible. Over the past year, I’ve never been more happy with my decisions and more confident in my actions. You’ll eventually learn to just trust yourself. Today, I want to talk about bikinis and bodies. It’s probably every woman and girl’s worst item to shop for. It’s always such a struggle. I mean, when are we really ever in prime bikini shape? You’ll always want more… (or less).

Bikini #1: Xhilaration strappy flounce top & strappy bottom
Bikini #2: Xhilaration cut-out bandeau top & cheeky bottom

So, I partnered with Target to find the perfect swimwear to complement my body’s needs. There have definitely been times when I would rather stay in my cover-up than let it all out. Plus, I’m super pale. When I was younger, I would hit the tanning salon to get a pre-tanning glow. Now, the biggest concern besides not having a six-pack is my smaller chest area. Yep, I’m a member of the IBTC. I’m always looking for a suit that will add volume up there. As someone with a slight hourglass to rectangular shape, I like two-piece bikinis the most. For a flattering top, either a push-up bandeau or flounce will create the illusion nicely. A nice shopping tip for triangle bikini tops is to get it a size larger. The extra fabric will make your boobs appear larger, too!

These are the two bikinis I ended up purchasing. I love how sporty the blue flounce bikini is. It prompted me to get on the SUP. Once I realized I had a taste for water sports, I wanted a suit that I could happily take a dip in with style. The cut-outs are so chic! I had such a hard time narrowing down the pieces since so many of the styles on the Target Swim page are super cute. Good, thing they have free shipping and returns. You can try as many as you want in search of the perfect one(s).

Once, you’re not worried about body insecurities, you’ll start enjoying getting in the water more. With that confidence, I plan on trying more water activities. Can you believe I successfully went around on a stand-up paddle board without falling at all? Because Target wants us to take a #NOFOMO pledge this summer, I want to add parasailing onto my bucket list! #NOFOMO is Target’s rally cry to stop missing out on the best of summer because of body insecurities, swimsuit avoidance or lame excuses.


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