Next Stop, Mexico

Flying into the Cancun International Airport, Mexico

With the exception of an extended layover in Copenhagen, I embarked on my first solo journey. On this work trip, my first stop in Mexico will be Cancun, followed by Isla Mujeres. Before I left, I had alllll the feeeels. Part excitement, part nerves, I was jittering from the airport to touchdown. Once, I landed however, it all disappeared and I was ready.

Ready for you Mexico.

Ready for my first international blogging conference, TBEX.

Ready for my first FAM trips.

Ready to meet new friends and colleagues.

Ready to have some fun.




P.S. Stay tuned for updates from Mexico, starting now! It’s been crazy trying to catch up on all the backlogged photos and videos, but I’m making progress. To stay current on my adventures, follow me on Instagram @tineey for live updates.

P.P.S. I’m planning on finally putting up my world map and itinerary for the year. A lot of work in progress. Woot!


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