New York Philharmonic Concert in Central Park

New York Philharmonic Concert in Central Park

Finally reminiscing the first picnic of the summer, back in June, for the annual New York Philharmonic concert in the Central Park…

I knew I wanted to be summering in the city this year. We’ve spent too many traveling during these months and never make it out to what NYC has to offer. To kick off the “Summer of Yes” we scrambled to put together a picnic for the NY Philharmonic concert in Central Park. I remember literally asking my friend if she wanted to do it super last minute and we made it happen! Here are some snapshots from the evening. We thought we got there early around 5pm but hundreds were already set up and picnicking. The event didn’t start until 8pm. We found a spot behind a speaker so at least we could hear if we couldn’t see. Next year, we know to go a lot earlier.

The sun started to set and the warm glow spread throughout the Great Lawn. Once the music started, it was beautiful. For a few hours, I was transported out of the busy hum of the city and into a dream.

Our setup caught a lot of attention and nods of approval. When the concert was over, a few people came up to us and took photos, LOL. It looked pretty decent for something we threw together last minute. I’m happy! Even happier about the deliciousness. We had started with a charcuterie board, followed by pastrami + brisket on rye from Pastrami Queen and finished with cupcakes from Two Little Red Hens. Since it was peony season, we used that as a centerpiece with fairy lights in a mason jar to lit up the table as it got dark.

The magical night finished with fireworks. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to summer!

Picnic setup: Table in a bag, Marble board, Picnic blanket, Mason jars, Fairy lights 

Now that its August, I’m playing catch up. Stay tuned for more highlights from our summer adventures as I go through all my photos!



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