New Orleans Diary

We spent a few days exploring NOLA…


First, from the port of New Orleans, my mom and I sailed off on our Norwegian cruise. The ship started to depart as the sun sets behind the NOLA skyline. I thought it was a good time to test out the photo abilities of my new iPhone 6.

After our cruise, we stayed in the city for a few days before flying back to New York.

What did we do? Eat and shop!

Cochon Butcher

As per my friend’s recommendation we stopped by the sandwich shop for lunch before heading off to do some shopping. Couldn’t come down to NOLA and not try the muffaletta!


Ruby Slipper Cafe

Brunch! Unlike the brunch in New York, we could actually have a drink outside while we waited to get seated. After a good hour wait, we sat at the bar and devoured our meal. Order the Eggs Cochon and Banana Foster Pain Perdu. Divine! This place is definitely worth the hype (and wait).



Cafe Du Monde

A tourist spot, but I couldn’t come back home without at least trying it. To avoid waiting in line we opted to go the cafe inside the outlet mall.



Spent some girl time inside this outlet mall. I walked away with a few good bags of items on sale. I just love getting a great deal.




We stayed in this hotel and spent a little time in the adjacent casino too. Since I’m not much of a gambler, I walked around until we were ready to eat inside its buffet! The buffet was a good way to get a taste of the different New Orleans dishes at once. Also, I loved the holiday decorations up around the property. We were there in December.




That’s all folks (for now)! There’s so much of NOLA I need to see and eat. I’m sure I’ll make my way back for some more adventure.

Thanks for reading!


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