My Mets Game + Nas Concert Experience

Gorgeous Sunset over Citi Field
I had the privilege of joining Duane Reade for two Mets games this month at Citi Field. The first time I went, Duane Reade sponsored the fireworks (Independence day!) after the game. I had such a great video on Instagram, but unfortunately my phone died before it finished uploading. It was still a great experience, nonetheless! For the second time, Duane Reade sponsored the Nas Concert that showed after the game, and this time I made sure my phone didn’t die!
The experience was pretty amazing from start to finish. I had field level seating and access to the private club rooms at Citi Field. I took the opportunity to explore the different food vendors and facilities in-between some innings. For the concert part, Duane Reade gave me field access and a full-frontal view. I mean, how many times in your life can you say you’ve stepped onto a Major League Baseball field, have the players walk by you as they leave the lockers, and stand in front of a rap genius. So legit! Oh, did I mention, Nas shook my hand during the concert? Yep….
I took a quick Instagram video of my journey to the field, you can find that HERE. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend has much more video footage than me of the concert, lol. He’s a big fan, so I’m glad I was able to take him with me for the experience.
Below are some more photos I took from the day. All the photography and editing is done on my iPhone 5 with VSCO Cam. I can’t remember the last time I did an entire blog post with iPhone photos and not DSLR ones (ok, I do remember). I’ve been SO in love with this photo app – it makes me want to take delicious-looking iPhone pictures again. Enjoy!
Field Level View of the Game
The View at Night
Nothing between Nas and I ;)
Such a great night, indeed! The adrenaline kept pumping hours on later.

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