My First Cravebox (Mini)

During fashion week, I went to the Lulu’s Blogger Style Studio and Cravebox was one of the vendors there. I’ve heard a lot about this new subscription service for general lifestyle, so naturally I’m curious. Most of you know I am a subbing junkie ^________^

This is a mini-box I got at the event and I’m over the moon excited that Amorepacific is in there. Their products are amazing and it’s one of my favorite skincare lines. For serious!

Also, included are two skinny sticks of Lip Treats from Mereadesso and some eBoost supplements. I’ve tried the same exact orange eBoost from an older Birchbox and didn’t love it. I think I’m just very sensitive to how things taste — aka picky, heh.

I hear subscriptions are currently closed. Anyone a subscriber? What do you think.

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