Moon Palace in Cancun


Great view, huh?

Hola from paradise. The Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort was my home base during my trip down to Cancun, Mexico. The property was just so out of this world! It kind of reminded me of Vegas. There’s probably an infinite amount of things to do at the resort, which has three different lobbies. I stayed at the Sunrise, FYI. I don’t even know where to start, but I will begin at what I didn’t get to do. Release turtle hatchlings into the sea! I caught a glimpse of some photos on Instagram and my heart melted. The place is so huge that there’s a shuttle bus to get you from one lobby to another. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the release on time because I waited for the bus. T_T

Not to worry, I still enjoyed myself at this resort. In between workshops and meetings, I managed to try their ice cream bar, have a drink at their swing bar, walk on the beach, indulge in the buffets, learn to make sushi, use the jacuzzi, and hit all the bars plus one nightclub. I didn’t get a chance to go hang out in the many pools or attempt the Flowrider, sadly. There just wasn’t enough time to try everything. My Cancun time was just go, go, go! Work, network, play and sleep. There wasn’t much room for relaxing…


Luckily for me, my room was close to the lobby, which is close to the convention center (where I needed to be). I have to admit though, after a few twists and turns exploring the pool and beach areas, I got lost. I honestly had to ask an employee in Spanish for help getting back to my room. This place is THAT huge, and its only one of three zones.


A king size bed all to myself. Except, by the end of the night, I had my laptop and gear sleeping with me on the other half.


I gave myself a nice cold jacuzzi session to relieve my legs from furious bites of a thousand mosquitos.


You know what’s so crazy? I never popped open this welcome bottle. My schedule was that packed!


Girl’s best friend. Any hotel that carries such large bottles of CHI hair products, pro dryers and flatirons, instantly gets my approval.



It turns out that I’m not that great at this.


Looks good enough? Thank you to the chefs at Momo, inside the resort!


Yes, you best believe I ate it all!



The VIP area.


The amazing pools that I never got to jump into. I took a chance on the last day to scope it out!


Palapas everywhere! I did end up walking along the beach after lunch and snapped up some pics.



The stunning moon reflecting on the ocean after a dinner party with Expedia!


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