Monochromatic Inspiration

I created this style board and attended the unveiling of Isaac Mizrahi’s designs for Kleenex Brand at Grand Central as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars by Crowdtap #KleenexStyle

black & white inspired by #KleenexStyle

I’ve been inspired to keep playing with my fashion and beauty pieces to create my style boards a lot lately. I should really coin a name for these laydowns! Anyways, so I thought it would be perfect to create one inspired by a tissue box design Isaac Mizrahi unveiled on Monday for Kleenex Brand. He just brings couture to the average girl, brilliantly.

Monday was a pretty exciting day. I was waiting in anticipation for the the great designer to appear and to see the four prints he came up with. Kleenex Brand already does a great job of creating fun designs to bring a flair to a room (or pocket), but this next step of collaborating with a fashion designer has become the icing on the cake! It is so nice to make a stylish and trendy statement through home decor … and without the commitment. I can switch out a different tissue box and design whenever it runs out! So much for tissue box holders.

Let’s rewind back to the day of the unveiling. The design that resonated with me the most is the black and white cheetah-ish print (see below). Totally, obsessed. I love wearing a b&w combo as separates or in a pattern. The monochromatism feels edgy and chic at the same time. Inspired, I went and curated my favorite black & white pieces together – as seen in the photo above.

Keep reading for event snaps and commentary :)

Isaac Mizrahi designs for Kleenex Brand in Grand Central #KleenexStyle

Seeing spots inside Grand Central with Kleenex Brand.


Love a good prop or two! A little princess style as I waited for Isaac Mizrahi to come out and unveil his designs.

#KleenexStyle in Grand Central

Also, I love that Kleenex Brand brought a giant tissue box to Grand Central. The display cycled through different designs. I love this cute owl one.

Isaac Mizrahi designs for Kleenex Brand #KleenexStyle

The man of the hour, Isaac Mizrahi with his newly unveiled design.

Isaac Mizrahi designs for Kleenex Brand #KleenexStyle

Like magic, the tissue boxes on the tables around were replaced with the new Isaac Mizrahi designs. There’s one for every personality!

Outfit for Isaac Mizrahi for Kleenex Brand Unveiling #KleenexStyle

Lastly, as seen leading up to the event on my Instagram, my outfit for the day (another lay down, I know).

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