Michelin-Star Dinner at Prévôt, Cavaillon

A one of a kind Michelin-star dining experience in melon-themed restaurant, Prevot.

Private Cooking Lesson

With Bliss Travels, we had the exclusive opportunity to head into the kitchen of Chef Prevot and to learn a few things about the perfect melon and making one of his dishes. It was such a fun experience to see first hand how a Michelin-starred chef works. Prevot was so funny! The best part was helping him out (scooping melon balls out) in our official aprons and then trying what we made. Yum.

michelin-starred-chef-prevot=XLCooking with Michelin-Star Chef PrevotCooking with Michelin-Star Chef PrevotCooking with Michelin-Star Chef PrevotCooking with Michelin-Star Chef Prevot

Four Course Dinner

After the cooking lesson and aperitif, came the best part of the day, our meal! This menu was specially crafted for us lucky folks with Wendy (Bliss Travels). First, we started off with a glass of the house cocktail, Melanis — a house made drink with melon and star anise, poured over ice. Our first dish was a tomato soup with tarragon ice cube, eggplant cake and a goat cheese chorizo cookie that I couldn’t get enough of. Next, came the starter tasting of Prevot’s menu items, which was perfect because I love trying everything but never have enough room in my stomach for it all. The five mini’s were sea bass ceviche, foie gras with candied melon, melon balls with French dressing, pan-fried melon wth prawns and a McPrevot salmon-melon burger.

We did wine pairings for every course, including the dessert! Before I get to that, let’s talk about the main dish — roasted rack of lamb over summer vegetables simmered in pesto. Wow, the lamb in France tasted unlike anything I’ve had here. There’s not a hint of gaminess. The cooking was superb as the flavors danced and melted in my mouth. Phenom. Finally, out dessert was so much fun. It was a bowl with a cap that opened up to goat milk cream coated with melon. On the cap was avocado ice cream. It was the best ice cream, I’ve had.

Finally, we ended with some petit fours.

It was truly such a treat!

Michelin-Star Dinner at PrevotMichelin-Star Dinner at PrevotMichelin-Star Dinner at PrevotMichelin-Star Dinner at PrevotMichelin-Star Dinner at Prevot

The Melon Capital

Cavaillon, is France’s melon capital, a theme you’ve seen so far in this post. Chef Prevot is also known as ‘The Melon King‘ for his wonderful seasonal dishes made with the famous orange fruit. Since we went during prime season, our meal consisted of many melon components. The restaurant’s decor also had a lot of melon fixtures. Before heading to the restaurant for the cooking session and dinner, we toured the melon festival, trying pieces of the fruit at the market and even watched a bull game in celebration!

Cavaillon Melon Festival

Future stories to look forward to — lavender fields and more food/wine!

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