Hop on one of these colorful trajineras as the sun sets and the night becomes alive. After my jungle tour, I quickly got ready for the evening. I had a plethora of entertainment, food and festivities lined up with Xoximilco Cancun. If you are ever in town and want to participate in a Mexican fiesta, […]

There’s nothing more liberating than cruising the open waters. It’s even better when you are the one behind the wheel. Thanks to Aquaworld, I took the Jungle Tour and checked off something that’s been high on my bucket list. On my first day in Cancun, after checking into Moon Palace, I took a taxi over to Aquaworld. Luckily […]

Great view, huh? Hola from paradise. The Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort was my home base during my trip down to Cancun, Mexico. The property was just so out of this world! It kind of reminded me of Vegas. There’s probably an infinite amount of things to do at the resort, which has three […]

With the exception of an extended layover in Copenhagen, I embarked on my first solo journey. On this work trip, my first stop in Mexico will be Cancun, followed by Isla Mujeres. Before I left, I had alllll the feeeels. Part excitement, part nerves, I was jittering from the airport to touchdown. Once, I landed however, it […]