Margiela x H&M: Lucite Wedge Pumps


Maison Martin Margiela x H&M plexi wedge pump {eBay}

By chance, I was shopping in H&M, trying to kill some time before heading home, and stumbled upon these beauties, tucked away in the shoe clearance section. Lady luck was smiling upon me, because they happened to be my size. In disbelief, I asked my friend, Kelly, “Are these MAR-GEEEEL-UHHHH?” She looked at me as if I fell and knocked the fashion out of my head.

S H U T U P !!!

I took a look at the price sticker, $30. Not bad, I’ll take them, I thought to myself. Then, Kelly pointed out the extra 50% discount on top of the price.


“Are you telling me these are $15, now?” I asked. Feeling accomplished, I took my prize to the register.

and… that’s the story of my Margiela acquisition at 95% off the original price of $299.


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