Dreamy Harbor Sail

1 WTC nyc skyline sail

Twilight. Pink hues paint the city’s skyline and the world never looked sweeter.

1 WTC nyc skyline sail 1 WTC nyc skyline sail stature of liberty nyc skyline sail 1 WTC nyc skyline sail jersey city nyc skyline sail 1 WTC nyc skyline sail

Dear New York…

You’ve never looked better! It’s always so wonderful to get a reminder, every once in awhile, just how magical you are.

We took to sail around New York Harbor at sun down, and watched as the skyline turn different shades of gold, blue, pink and purples, before nightfall finally arrived.

On board the old-timey Clipper City replica with Manhattan by Sail.



P.S. A lot of new projects in the works. Yay, I’m so excited. Spring really has been inspiring me!

  • Djaniella Dimayuga

    This is so beautiful! I live in NJ and travel to NYC at least once a month to visit my boyfriend who works there! Usually I just keep track of all the super yummy places we eat there, but I totally forgot about sailing! Can’t wait to try this out, thanks for sharing! :)


    • Yeah! It’s so nice to do once in awhile. I must say, food is my #1 for NYC :)

  • Ajableu Oldham

    Omg, these pictures of the New York sunset are incredible!! Thank you for capturing and sharing this moment!


    • Always such a pleasure shooting these images!!