Lunch in Corfu

Lunch in Corfu, Greece
Lunch in Corfu, Greece
Lunch in Corfu, Greece

Continuing from Croatia, we’ve reached the last country of our trip. It felt so amazing to be back in Greece and we did two islands this time around. You can see photos from my first island (last year) here. Now that the buzz and frenzy of Thanksgiving and shopping has subsided for me, I can’t wait to start catching up on my trip again. I want to wrap it up before the year’s end!

While we stopped into Corfu Town, we walked around a bit. I just love walking a new city. It sort of makes you feel like you are a local for the time being. We dipped into many shops and boutiques, walked around the Old Fortress, shopped the local street market and had lunch. This is the best part of our day. After stocking up on olive oil, figs, and ouzo, we passed by the fish and veggie stalls. Wouldn’t it be lovely to just to purchase the catch of the day and have it cooked up?

Well, that’s exactly what happened. As friendly people the Greeks are, we chatted up with them and found out we could pick out our seafood from the market (Corfu Fishmonger, The Boutique) and they would bring it over to their sister restaurant next door, Fishalida. There, they would cook it up to our liking with sides of our choosing. Our day was made! So, the two of us decided on the rock lobster with veggies. Of course, as precursors, we ordered a Greek salad and octopus. How could we not?

When all our food came, it was heavenly. The meal was glorious, and at that moment I felt like an honorary local.

Nothing beats extremely fresh seafood on a Greek island.

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