A Look Back at 2017

NYC Central Park Bike Picnic NYC Central Park Bike Picnic

THE LOST SUMMER FILES. I had a REALLY good summer. In turn, it had been a little too quiet over those months here on the blog. Good thing for the holidays. It gives me down time to go through the archives and post all the photos I’ve only plopped onto my Instagram. For those who follow me, you may already be caught up. Then again, with the new algorithm, who knows?! So, here I am reminiscing over all the good times and reviewing the year.

Summer 2017

To fill in some blanks between the NY Philharmonic picnic and Diner en Blanc, I’ve set up picnics all over the city to enjoy the sun. I loved attending the annual Chandon American Summer Fete (picnicked out as well). Basically, it was months of great friendship, food, drink and activities. I know I was a terrible blogger by not documenting it here, but sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself.

In addition to personal fun, I also took on a lot of Instagram creative projects as well. I’m so happy to finally be able to post some of them up here! I love looking back on all my work, proudly.

Looking back on 2017


I haven’t been as adventurous this year as I have previously. I did end up going to Sedona and weekenders within New York State. This is mostly because I felt like I’ve been traveling too much, and wanted to pace myself. Also, I really wanted to enjoy New York City life again! Traveling months out of a year really makes you miss home and living out NYC life was blissful. All in moderation!


I ran my first 10k race this summer! It was hot and grueling, but I accomplished that goal. I hope to sign up for more physical challenges in 2018. To end the year, I did a fun 5k holiday run. Besides over-indulging in the summer, I did manage to stick to a healthier lifestyle and regular-ish gym sessions. I’ve actually started to like Barry’s Bootcamp!


This is something to really look out for next year! Since slowing down my travels, I’ve really started to build up on the interiors front. I’ve been slowly picking up where I left off in terms of decorating the place. We had our essentials, but now I want the works! This year, we finally got a proper big Christmas tree and I couldn’t be happier. It really set the mood!

Content Creation

OMG, work for me was pretty amazing this year! Though my growth has been slow and steady (emphasis on slow), I have had the best year yet. This year I’ve really gotten to know what I love to do. I only focused on who I was, my visions and only produced the things I love. This also means having to say no to things – campaigns, events and sometimes people. The “industry” can be a very contrived place with comment pods and all the fakery. It did bother me a lot, because in clusters like NYC, you’re basically surrounded by it. I’ve learn to take myself out and hit the ignore button, lol. I’m only tending my own grass, if you know what I mean? No fake friends just for the internet, k thanks. Before I babble on about this, my point is that if you stay true to yourself, good things will come. I feel like I’ve lived the proof… Focus on your work quality and you attract the right brands and audience. Plus, I live for the fact I can look back on my work and be super proud. I’m literally still pinching myself and gleeful over the partnerships I was lucky to work on this year. I feel so grateful and lucky to collaborate with major brands that I truly truly love and respect.

Okay, enough gushing. One thing I will reprimand myself over is falling off my YouTube schedule. I hit 1 million views on my Youtube channel this year. In 2018, I want to knock it out the park with my content on all platforms. I know I focused a lot on Instagram this year, but I love making videos. Weirdly, I’m the person who loves the process from start to finish. Editing is my therapy. Also, I really love the comments from my videos. Whether I helped in a practical sense or encourage a little shopping — I’ve really been enjoying that engagement!  What am I really waiting for?! I’m making that promise to myself.

2017 has been a great year! Of course, there has been some low points, but overall it was a damn good year. I like to always stay positive and look on the bright side, so here’s to bringing greatness into 2018!



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