Lobos Cay

EXPLORATION. Rounding out my trip documentation with some snorkeling fun in the reefs off the island of Lobos. Before I talk about that, I want to mention our bioluminescent bay kayaking adventure. Literally, in the backyard of the resort was Fajardo’s very own bioluminescent bay, Laguna Grande. We learned to kayak in the pitch darkness through tunnels made of the rooty mangrove trees. There was nothing but a glowstick on the kayak in front of us to follow. Eventually we made it to the end of the tour where the glowing specimens in the water shimmered each time we dipped our hands in. Nothing short of memorable, even though our cameras couldn’t pick any of it up in the blackout.As much as I would love to scuba dive, I don’t think my lungs are ready. We took a boat and docked off the coast near the cays of Lobos. With our snorkeling gear and fins on, we swam from the boat to the reefs. It was three of hours leisurely chasing schools of fish and swimming about the living underwater structures.I couldn’t have asked for a better water activity to end our getaway.

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