Live Happy! #LifeProofSkin in the Dominican Republic With Vichy Idéalia

In 8 days, I lived my life to the fullest with Vichy Idéalia as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #LifeProofSkin

live happy and worry free #lifeproofskin
Chasing the sun on Playa Dorada at our villa in Puerto Plata

Hola from the Dominican Republic! I can finally put what I learned in high school Spanish to good use here. The last few days have been really long. It seriously feels like it’s been weeks and not days since I pulled an all-nighter to board my early flight. Boy, was that terrible for my face, which brings me to the newest additions to my beauty regiment from the Vichy Idéalia collection- Vichy Idéalia Serum and Vichy Idéalia Eyes. The Idéalia Serum smells amazing and absorbs instantly. There’s no greasy feeling or tightness of the skin after applying it. What I love about the Idéalia Eyes, is that it acts as both a treatment and luminizer. Dark circles, rejoice!

Beach ready with Vichy Idéalia #LifeProofSkin
Travel essentials for my tropical Dominican trip

I took the 8-day challenge and am loving the results! My skin felt bouncier, looked brighter, is smoother and more hydrated than ever. This is why I decided to take both products with me on my trip and go makeup-less, wearing only that for my flight. The products are designed to help counteract against daily “skin enemies” by fixing the damage already done, keeping the healthy status and preventing future problems. Basically, this was the best thing for my kind of lifestyle. One day I’m running around in New York City, and the next I’m breaking night so I don’t miss an AM flight. Not to mention how drying plane air is to the skin. This is really good face protection.

Early morning flights #LifeProofSkin
My AM flight means eye bags and sun rises

The four “skin enemies” that causes poor skin health includes stress/lack of sleep, environment aka pollution, unbalanced diet, and UV rays. So, as I’m living through all of the above, I can now rest assured that at least my skin won’t show the signs anymore. I can go for another round at the buffet, bask under the sun on the beach and put myself through some crazy dirty fun with no worries. Plus, when I’m in New York, the pollution and subway winds won’t be too bad of a problem, at least skin-wise.

fun in the sun #lifeproofskin
In the sun, sand and beautiful crystal blues

I have a couple more days here in the Dominican Republic. I can’t wait to live it up fully thanks to Vichy Idéalia. Although, this post was just a sneak peak, there’s plenty of DR coming your way.

P.S. Did I mention how much I love the pink packaging?! #SuchAGirl

Also, watch the video I put together about Vichy Idéalia, New York living and traveling abroad with sneak peeks of my trip so far!

You can also find Vichy Idéalia at your local Ulta store.

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