Lands End Canvas Spring 2012 + The Wandas

For Old Times’ Sake…

I knew from the moment I received this CD-as-invitation at my doorstep that this will be a fun night. Boy, was my gut right! To sum up the night in a few words, it was full of fashion, art, music and great beer. I chickened out in drawing on the art wall, for fear of butchering the great work already on it.

Did I mention The Wandas played? Uh, yes…

Most importantly, I invited my love Jaclyn along with me. I know. I know. It’s been awhile since you’ve seen her on this blog. (She wrote a lot of the amazing beauty posts!) I honestly haven’t seen her in the longest (but we gchat all the time!). We’ve been both hustling and being busy bees. This night, we sat down and caught up — reminiscing our good times. I can’t imagine a better setting than previewing new items for next season with The Wandas playing their hits for us.

Looking back to when we met each other, neither one of us can imagined we’d be where we are at, now. It’s sort of awesome. We met 2 years ago, when we both just graduated from college — SO ready to break into the industry. We busted so much @** since then. Look at us now!

♫…. ♫ cue in Karmin’s cover of Chris Brown – Look at Me Now ♫ ….♫

So can we get excited for Spring already? I adore Lands End Canvas so much!

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