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Lake Vouliagmeni

From a collapsed cavern and into a beautiful healing sanctuary…


There was nothing sweeter than jumping into the thermal waters of Lake Vouliagmeni to ease my battle with epic jet lag. War-worn, with only a quick nap in my system, I took a journey South.

I had only arrived in to Athens, Greece the evening before. That was after hours and hours of flying and layovers. I’ve never been so annoyed at waiting or so jet-lagged in my life. It just baffled me how cranky I was. So, I thought a nice day at the spa would do that trick. (similarly, in Iceland)

I like to think this place is a well-kept secret, only the locals know about. Feeling intrepid, I took the bus from Athens down along the coastal highway. It was surely an interesting ride, for I was the only Asian-being on a bus full of local Greeks. Mesmerized by the glistening views of the Saronic Gulf, that I totally missed my stop.

No worries, I stayed on after the fact, just to see the rest of the coastal towns. It was then, when I knew that I was truly in Greece. My jet lag became an afterthought, and I rode backwards towards the lake. Then, I arrived at this entrance…


I was so ready to soak in the healing thermal spring waters of this lake.



Not only that, but get a pedicure from these amazing little doctor fish.


For health, for beauty, and for leisure.


Soak in the beauty of nature under the Mediterranean sun.


A perfect day trip from the city of Athens!


e22 bus

10€ (weekend)

Vouliagmeni Burger

Swimsuit & Towel


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