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Being mindful and taking care of my body and skin. Beauty is both inside and out.

Since starting my fitness journey in the beginning of the year, I’ve been a little more conscious of what I put in my body and what goes on it. Eliminating harmful things is a process. I don’t expect to get rid of every habit overnight. Investing the time to create better habits is much better in the long run.

Active Life. To stay mobile and feeling healthy, I love to balance cardio workouts (run, spin, boxing) with weight work and heated yoga throughout the week. I love a good sweat out. Plus, I literally opt to walk everywhere rather than take the subway these days. My Fitbit loves me.

Hydration. Our bodies are mostly water, so it’s important to drink water frequently and replenish after the gym. I use an at-home purifier to make sure I get any impurities filtered out. Frequent sipping helps keep my skin plump and glowing.

Natural Skincare. As I take the steps towards a better routine, I like to try new products that fits into my lifestyle. I’ve been opting for easy products that keeps my skin fresh. This goes beyonds taking care of the skin on my face but my whole body. I bought a lovely lavender body milk from the farmer’s markets in Provence this summer that I’ve been slathering on everyday. The last 7 days, I’ve been trying a natural deodorant in a lavender scent as well. Tom’s of Maine is free of aluminum, artificial fragrances and petrochemicals. So far, I’ve been pleased with the results. I’m a pretty active girl so the great 24-hour protection is amazing. Plus, 10% of the profits is donated to environmental initiatives.

Organic Pantry. While my whole diet isn’t completely free from “bad foods”, I make the effort now to shop for organic ingredients for when we cook at home. We usually make a clean or paleo meal. When out eating out, I like to give myself the freedom to eat almost whatever I want. It’s important to not totally deprive myself. I find that since the change, I feel so much lighter and have much more energy. Plus, I break out so much less now. What you put inside really reflects on the outside.

These are just some of the things I’ve started to implement in my daily for healthier living. Elise will agree with me here…

What are some ways you keep it fresh and healthy?

Tom's of Maine


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