Juice Cleanse

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After eating our way through Europe, a cleanse was absolutely necessary.

I love going on a juice cleanse once every so often just to hit the reset button on my system. Normally, I follow a 3-day recipe and take the fruits/veggies to my at-home juicer, but as luck would have it, I had the opportunity to try Jus by Julie. I’ve been wanting to try this particular brand for the longest time, especially after my friends had raved about it. Sometimes you just want to make life a little easier and get a ready-to-go cleanse, especially after traveling for a long time.

Jus by Julie tasted really good, and that makes me so happy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried a bottle of juice that made me want to gag. The juices all were super fresh tasting and had a good balance of fruit sweetness with the greens. I can honestly say all the juices were yummy! My favorites of the six are Sweet Spin & Chia Berry. FYI, the juices are blended not cold pressed. This just means all the fibers are still in the mix. I also got booster shots that I either mix right in or took alone. I loved the Ginger Citrus, Wheatgrass and Chlorophyll.

Without getting into too much detail about juicing and detoxing, I wanted to end this by saying how much energy I feel afterwards. I recommend doing at least a 3 day cleanse with a lean protein and veggie dinner if you are considering.

  • Lauren @ atipsygypsylife.com

    Ah I did my first juice cleanse the other day… Never realized how much I absolutely crave sodium! But my favorite juices must have a little ginger in them :)

    • Ooh how great! It took me awhile to start liking ginger but now I love the little kick.

  • I’ve never gotten around to actually do a juice cleanse. I’m so unsure if it will actually be good for me. Just the though of no food is so scary! But hearing how great you feel afterwards makes it quite tempting, as well as these juices sound really delicious <3

  • Love the green juices:)

    Xx, Daria