Dear Italy

I’m super inspired to curate a few of my favorite photos from my trip to Italy last year. Plus, this will be my “mood board” for my upcoming trip back to Italy this Autumn.

Paris & Italy Video Diary

Last but not least from my trip to Europe — a little montage of rainy Paris and sunny Italian cities.

Where to Roam in Rome

View of the Colosseum from a room in the Palazzo Manfredi Hotel Crossing off another item from my bucket list, I was able to see some of Rome’s most iconic landmarks. I also picked up a few tips in navigating the immense foot and vehicle traffic. One is to stare down a driver in order to […]

Rome Cavalieri

Wow. Staying at the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resort was pretty mind-blowing. Although, I’ve stayed at a Waldorf Astoria property before in Puerto Rico, El Conquistador, this was an entirely different experience. I guess it’s as the saying goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” and live large! Exhausted from the […]