Isla Palomino

PARADISE. A private island that’s just a ferry ride away from our resort and opened to guests only. Next to it, is Palominito, the smaller island where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. I had to pinch myself while exploring this isle. Am I really dreaming? The waters are crystal clear and the waters are turquoise blue. The sands, white. Palms trees are swaying and there’s barely anyone here. It was this very island that triggered my wanderlust to the max.

Besides soaking up the sun and bathing in the Caribbean Sea, we took a hike around the island, and the view from above was phenomenal. You can see the cays between Palomino and Palominito. There is also a plethora of water activities available. P.S. Paddleboarding was not my forté. We tried to spend most of our days here, while balancing other adventures, elsewhere. The only downside is that the last ferry leaves at 5:30-6pm. I didn’t get a chance to ride the horses!

I’d love to just spend the evening watching the sun set while laying on the beach.

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