Inspired Intel: Vintage

Vintage pair of earrings on my Intel-inspired Ultrabook™. This style never really dies. A timeless piece can take you far. A long battery life takes you further. The Ultrabook™ runs for hours, standby for days.

As the title states, this week’s Inspired Intel theme is vintage — nod to a past era. Speaking of the past, I’ve been extremely obsessed with Baroque-inspired fashion for the Fall. I know this is dating way way back, but there is something about the lavish and opulent style that really draws me in. Back when I was studying art, my favorite styles were always Baroque and Rococo (late Baroque). Ornate exuberances aside, today we will focus on a time period a little closer to this century.

A vintage wedding room. Gorgeous jewelry boxes and flowers. This was one of my favorite rooms at The World Gold Council showcase. 

Another look at the room. How beautiful is the delicate wedding dress?

Vintage fabric prints are always so fun and colorful. This Nicole Richie Collection (via QVC) crinkle maxi dress is a great vintage-inspired piece for the modern times. Loved this so much, I took some more photos and will post them all up separately!

Passed by this clock sitting in the window of a vintage shop. The hands are so charming.

Of course, I must showcase one of the navy vintage Gucci bags I’ve inherited from my mom!

Getting vintage inspiration in a flash on my Ultrabook™. Two great sources: tumblr + pinterest. Good thing the Intel-inspired Ultrabook™ is so responsive. It wakes up quickly so I can resume my page in an instant…just seconds.

Now you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for power. Introducing the ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive Ultrabook™, Inspired by Intel.
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